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Does I need to be a previous customer to participate in the referral program?
How do I know if my roof qualifies for an insurance claim?
Are tile roofs resistant to wind and heavy rain?
Are metal roofs environmentally friendly?
Are tile roofs well insulated?
Are other colors available for tile roofs besides reddish-orange?
Are there tile roof shapes available other than the traditional rounded Spanish style?
What can damaged or missing asphalt shingles do to your roof?
What goes Into the structure of an asphalt roof shingle?
How will a metal roof stand up to extreme weather?
Is metal roofing noisier in bad weather than asphalt, tile, or slate roofing?
Does a metal roof cost more than a typical roof?
Are metal roofs more susceptible to lightning?
Will a metal roof make my home hot?
Do you offer different types and colors of roofs?
What types of financing are available?
How can I tell if my home needs a new roof?
Is there a charge for quotes or estimates?
Can hail damage my roof?
How long will my project take to complete?
Will a leak in my roof cause long-term damage?
Can Total Home Roofing help with insurance claims?
How much does a new roof cost?
How long will it take to complete my project?
How long has Total Home Roofing been in business?
Are credit cards accepted?
I've been approved for a loan. Now what?
When will my home's shingles arrive?
Who will do the work for my project?
When will the construction dumpster arrive at my property?
When will the remaining construction items and debris be removed from my property?
When will the wind mitigation process take place?
Do you offer asphalt shingles in different colors?
When will my final roof inspection take place?
Will my homeowner's insurance cover the cost of a new roof in the event of hail damage?
Do I need to be home while the work is being done?
Is there a prepayment penalty?
Will a representative come to my home for the estimate?

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