Is Your Roof Ready For The Rainy Season?

Spring has almost sprung and here in Central Florida, we know exactly what that means: Daily afternoon rain showers and thunderstorms. Consider that despite rain, hail, ultraviolet rays, foot traffic, various mechanical servicing, and building expansion and contraction; your roof system must continue to keep water from entering the building.

In short, your roof is your first line of defense protecting your home and everything inside of it. While every element of storm preparation is important, the roof is probably the most critical and most often overlooked.  It’s so important to arm your roof with quality materials and a solid construction before the rainy season strikes. Here’s why even the smallest roof damage can cause big problems for your home this season.

Small Compromise = Huge Repairs. A small hole, tear, or one simple missing shingle can spell disaster for your roof when the rainy season comes. All it takes is a small exposure to the wood roof decking for a leak to occur. If a leak is left untreated, it can cause wood rot in the roof decking or water damage to the ceiling and attic. What started as a small puncture in the roof and could have easily been repaired has now turned into a drastic and costly roof repair due to brutal water damage from pouring rain.

Missing Shingles = More Missing Shingles. One missing shingle may not seem like a huge deal. It might be a home repair that you know you’ll eventually have to address, but put on the back burner for now. With rainy season looming, however, we at Total Home Roofing encourage you to confront all those roof repairs like missing shingles as soon as possible. When one shingle is missing, it’s a lot easier for other shingles to also find their way off the roof. A rain storm accompanied by wind gusts can also exacerbate the situation and cause more damage to the roof.

No Granules = No Defense. One of the best defense mechanisms your shingle roof has against rain and other perils is the granules on the shingles. Strong storms can compromise these granules and that’s to be expected, however, if the shingles are looking very bare, it may be time to consider a roof repair or replacement. A roof that has to enter the rainy season in Florida with old, worn out shingles that don’t have granules is bound for more damage.

If you have small or big roof repairs that need to be addressed, now is the time to call Total Home Roofing. Give your roof a fighting chance against this year’s rainy season by making sure it’s up to par before the first rain drop hits. Call our office to schedule an inspection today!


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